4 Ways

Sustainability is more than a catch-phrase for EnergyWare…it’s our MO! See 4 of the ways in which LED Technology can help you in Lighting The Way Forward to a brighter future. Download the info-graphic here. Don’t hesitate to contact EnergyWare to learn more.

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EnergyWare on Coffee with Craig & Kevin Podcast

Check out EnergyWare’s own Michael Bertamini, starting at the 23 minute mark. After a hiatus to catch their breath from the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, the boys return to talk with two of the biggest headliners from the event. First, David Beagle of Office Depot talks about catching some of the...

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Channel Partners Spotlight

One of the most popular image galleries of the year is back. It’s a roundup from the expo hall at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas, April 17-20, and EnergyWare is happy to spotlighted. They had 6,000 total participants at the biggest show ever, one...

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The Truth Behind Daylight Savings Time

As you attempt to decipher the microwave clock this Sunday morning, here’s something to ponder. While in Paris in 1784 Benjamin Franklin jokingly penned an article suggesting locals ration candles, tax window shutters, and set off canons at sunrise to promote early rising to utilize the available morning sunlight....

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The Benefits of LED Networked Controls

Connecting LED Fixtures via Networked Controls Will Cut Energy Costs Everything is now connected with the internet of things so it’s no surprise that your office lighting can now be controlled with a smart device at any time. Isolated Controls Let’s first examine how most aged lighting isolated controls work. Well...

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