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As the market leader, EnergyWare helps businesses drive innovation and growth with Energy Efficiency Smart Technology and Solutions.

With its’ unique business model, EnergyWare reduces and/or eliminates electricity, water and gas bills altogether. This is made possible through energy efficiency technology deployed throughout the various aspects of your organization. EnergyWare also eliminates the guess-work of how to move forward with Energy Efficiency by bringing engineers, designers, best-in-breed products and trained Energy-centric consultants all under one umbrella. This has firmly established EnergyWare as a trusted advisor to both the private and public sector and countless enterprise organizations across the country.

LEDs Convert

LED’s convert on average, 50% of energy into light, in comparison to incandescent at a tiny 4%. This means that 96% of your electricity goes to heating the bulb, resulting in higher energy costs, shorter life due to heat degradation and higher HVAC costs to keep your facilities cool.


Why EnergyWare?

Our organization was founded on three basic principals: Help customers improve employee productivity, be the greatest partner ever selected, and eliminate wasteful energy. Studies show better work environments lead to better results. At EnergyWare we understand we cannot be a disruption to your productivity while we are improving your facilities. Our teams are thorough, friendly, and timely so as not to interfere with operations. EnergyWare takes its partnerships seriously. We will be on time, our employees well prepared, and our products will be industry best. All while reducing your spend and providing a safe and conducive work environment. EnergyWare will also make sure we dispose of the product safely. In short, our team is your team. Better products, world class installers, and a five year warranty on all pieces. We hope you will give EnergyWare commercial LED installation a chance to exceed your expectations.


Our staff will provide a consistent experience nationwide throughout the assessment, design, installation, and warranty period.


Best in breed long lasting product lines, designed to last 12 year or more


Real-time & automated communication is provided throughout the project until completion

Aged Lighting

  • Environmentally Unfriendly

    Fluorescent lighting contains Mercury which can be dangerous to your employees and the environment

  • Wasted Energy

    With incandescent lights 90% of the energy used is to simply heat up the bulb, leading to increased energy consumption

  • HVAC Costs

    The energy consumption is higher on a per fixture basis that the HVAC systems must work harder to control the heat from the light

LED Lighting Technology

  • Energy Savings

    With LEDs,  typically 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. LED’s will also qualify you for local rebates

  • Greater Life Span

    LED technology on average lasts at least 3 times longer than fluorescent lights

  • Increase In Illumination

    LED can increase your illumination up to 100%, resulting in better display for product, customer, and safety


Many are looking to add a strong portfolio partner to their energy efficiency strategy. EnergyWare has the unique benefit of having 90% of it’s clients come through referral. This reinforces our nationally recognized brand, well trained project managers, and readily available customer support team. We limit the number of new partners we bring on quarterly to provide the right amount of time to you and your clients. Learn more about how you can become part of our referral program here or fill out the form below to have a local team member contact you.

Some Hard Facts

Offices Nationwide
Average Install In Weeks
Customer Satisfaction
Average ROI In Years

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Priester Aviation
"The increase in illumination really showcases our fleet & accentuates our hangars & offices. Passengers comment on how clean and neat the facilities are, & our mechanics
remark on the increased visibility while maintaining our aircraft. Aesthetics aside after EnergyWare’s LED installation we were also able to reduce our overall lighting spend by 75%, creating a cash neutral implementation, just as proposed."
Clinton Cycles
“We were presented so many different options from various companies. We truly appreciate EnergyWare taking the time to educate us on the various options without any high pressure sales tactics.”
Galaxy Marble
“Our customers, suppliers, and employees have taken notice of the upgraded lighting. Customers mention how bright our warehouse has become. Making it easier to see the color and design on the granite pieces. Suppliers ask us who provided the ‘high end’ LED lighting and our employees thank us for providing the safest work environment”
Chicago Contractor Supply
“I was concerned about the accuracy of the audit. Ownership provided me the ability to make the upgrade but would it really be cash neutral as advertised? My comptroller gave me our bill after installation and I’m pleased to tell you that savings were exactly as outlined.”
Bonaventure Town Center
Executive Director
“EnergyWare upgraded all our parking lot lighting. As I came around the corner the evening after install, I realized that well-lit facility was ours. Frequently our members thank us for providing the upgrading infrastructure and additional security.”


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