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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, businesses are redefining their sustainability. That’s where Energyware comes in — breaking barriers and unveiling uncharted possibilities toward #ABetterEnergyFuture.


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Energyware offers innovative solutions to help organizations achieve ambitious sustainability targets while significantly reducing costs. Our expertise accelerates project timelines, overcomes practical obstacles, and provides unparalleled value. Strike up a conversation today about our options in solar, enterprise-level LED lighting, and energy consultation to spring your business into the future.

Building up your bottom-line with renewable energy.

Solar is a massive part of an economical and ecologically sound future by generating clean electricity effortlessly and requires minimal upkeep. Energyware has successfully implemented solar, LED lighting, and energy solutions for major U.S. businesses, universities, and hospitals. These projects not only reduce environmental impact, but also deliver a positive return on investment and longevity.

LED Lighting

Reduce energy consumption while enhancing brightness and longevity with eco-friendly illumination.

Solar Power

Harness solar power with our expert installations, providing clean electricity with minimal maintenance for businesses.

A Historic LED Installation At
Duke University

Energyware has proven why and how their energy conservation teams are a winning partnership for universities. This project provided clear deliverables in cost reductions, sustainability, and aesthetics.

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Ground Mount Galore

Dive-deep and learn about our client and the solutions we were able to provide for using their excess land to the reduce ever-increasing utility bills for their neighboring facility.

Read About the Project

Striving for the very best, with excellence, speed, and affordability.

Our dedicated team works closely with every client to ensure a customer-success story every step of the way. Developing plans for financing, providing energy evaluations, and connecting you with the right people to ensure a bright and sustainable future for your business. Read more about what Energyware is striving towards each and every day in the articles below.

We earn our clients' trust.

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We’ve made it our business to create a sustainable future for your company to not only help you reach your future growth goals, but also to save money with a sturdy ROI along the way. Start a project in LED or Solar with Energyware now.

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