What is it and why would you want to investigate it?

Energy Procurement is the process of obtaining energy supply bids to secure the most favorable terms & rates on the purchase of Electricity and Natural gas supply in deregulated markets.

Typically, this is done with an energy industry professional or energy brokerage firm that can diligently manage their client’s energy portfolio.

Why is Energy Procurement Important?

Gives businesses Budget Certainty by allowing them to plan ahead knowing their pricing is locked in.

Helps businesses Mitigate risk and the cost associated with changes in weather, market volatility and other risks that pose threat to their portfolio.

Portfolio management by our team who can advise them of opportune times to lock in, hedge or even float on a market-based strategy with an option to lock in at opportune times.

Purchasing power, giving customers more options and in some cases aggregated group rates they wouldn’t normally have access to.

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    Reach Your Sustainability Goals

    Energy bills can be confusing and expensive. At Energyware we review your utility bills to identify potential billing errors and provide creative ways to locate additional savings.

    Working with one of our Energy Professionals gives any business access to over 100 major energy suppliers. Giving you more time and options when looking at saving on utilities and running your business.

    Why Work With Energyware

    • Experts in energy optimization and reducing commercial energy spend
    • Build your energy procurement strategy in less time
    • Access to a full list of energy solutions in one place. Solar, LED Lighting, Water Conservation and Energy Consulting


    The Best Way to Save Time & Energy

    Energy procurement is the sourcing of fuel or electricity which a business needs to power its operations. Procurement happens in states that allow for competitive supply of energy which is also known as deregulation. Some states are not deregulated and, in some situations, cities within a deregulated market are municipally managed and exempt from any type of competitive energy rate offers.

    With a national footprint and access to over 100 major suppliers Energyware has the ability to manage this process for you. One place for all your energy needs.


    Optimize The Way Your Businesses Utilizes Energy

    Energyware has the national reach and ability to reduce your energy spend while providing your business with a detailed path of developing an ROI. Nationwide LED & Solar Installs and professional advice when looking to reduce energy spend and go green.

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