energyware has developed a world class logistics team.

energyware have experts working on project consultation, project management, and overall project performance.  Our goal is to take on a project and become an extension of our customer’s internal team.

There is a key difference between a project management consultant and a project management contractor. A consultant’s job is to consult. They may offer advice or support but are not in charge of execution or responsible for project success.  Typically, our consulting services include:

  • A review of your current project management processes and capabilities
  • Budget oversite for the upcoming project
  • Recommendations for better processes and/or controls
  • Support in the implementation of new tools, processes, and procedures
  • Change management and transformation support

Project Managers

Project Managers however, will consult on the creation of project plans, execute, monitor, control, or close out projects.  Our project managers typically have the same role and responsibilities as an internal project manager and are entrusted with the overall success of your project as well as ensuring budgets are met.

energyware has built a reputation over the years as a valued member our customer’s internal team.  Our skills and knowledge make us a valuable asset in ensuring project success, under budget.

Due to our national demand, energyware has also developed a world class logistics team.  These team members oversee innovative corporate travel solutions to ensure project travel budgets are kept to a minimum.

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