As you attempt to decipher the microwave clock this Sunday morning, here’s something to ponder. While in Paris in 1784 Benjamin Franklin jokingly penned an article suggesting locals ration candles, tax window shutters, and set off canons at sunrise to promote early rising to utilize the available morning sunlight. This concept, although not directly, was revitalized by an Englishman wishing to have more sunlight to golf upon after work. Ultimately DST was born in the 1910’s by the German’s to conserve coal during wartime. The US eventually followed suit in 1918 and used it off and on until the 1970’s energy crisis where it became a mainstay.

Albeit no severe crises today energy costs and consumption are still cause for concern for any business. In similar regards to how DST may have lowered candle consumption 100 years ago or electricity bills in the 70’s, LED technology can do the same when compared to your current aged lighting. LED uses 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can also be monitored and controlled remotely from any smart device to further reduce costs.

Learn more about LED and the associated energy savings facts here, and have a great one hour less of sleep this Sunday morning. Unless of course you’re in Arizona, Hawaii, or parts of Indiana, then carry on as usual.

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