Professional Assessment

Complimentary Professional Assessment



Audits are performed in person and at no charge. To ensure our work is accurate, a certified design specialist will review the auditors work and make further recommendations on additional fixtures or reduction of fixtures. The two parties then collaborate to ensure the project is accurate, return on investment is correctly calculated, and product will meet the customer’s needs. The paperwork is finally reviewed by the project manager. The project manager reviews the design to ensure the illumination matches up with the products ordered, all safety measurements are prepared and utilized, and that the start of the date of the project can be met. Once the install is complete you can enjoy your new product and savings.

Complimentary Professional Assessment


Gauge the impact of an LED implementation with a no strings attached Professional Assessment from EnergyWare. We’ll visit each of your locations on your schedule, review your current lighting infrastructure and analyze your energy spend. No future obligations.


The auditor will look at the current infrastructure, system age, design intent, and any possible equipment flaws. They are also looking for total kilowatts utilized and other areas for potential reduction. The design team is skilled in redesign of lighting, best cosmetic matches, appropriate foot candles and illumination, and maximizing the reduction in spend without compromising appropriate output levels.


EnergyWare utilizes an energy calculator that will provide financial improvements from LED lightings. Input needed to gain accuracy of ROI is rated hours of current lighting, operating hours, total system usage, efficiency of current lighting, and per KWH spend.


The auditors input this information to provide customers with a comprehensive financial solution. This includes total project costs, broken down into monthly project costs, monthly energy savings, simple pay back in years, and CO2 emission reduction.

Step By Step

  1. First EnergyWare will send one of our experienced energy Consultants to each of your facilities; with the goal to determine design intent, areas for improvement in illumination, and the best way to eliminate wasteful energy.
  2. Several photos will be taken and then handed off to our certified lighting architects to ensure the developed design will exceed expectations.
  3. The goal is to improve safety and your work environment, all while reducing operating expenses.
  4. An ROI is then generated and reviewed by two separate professionals to ensure accuracy.
  5. What’s required of you – A recent energy bill and permission for us to access the building.
  6. All steps of the install are automated and a step by step digital footprint is provided for review if you elect to upgrade your lighting infrastructure.
  7. Interested? Please Contact EnergyWare or Sign Up for a Professional Assessment Today



Our belief system is simple: ELIMINATE wasteful energy. While it is not always inexpensive to provide a free audit, we attempt to do our part to support any initiative to eliminate aged infrastructure. Interested in finding out what an LED conversation would cost, without high pressure sales? Please think of EnergyWare.

Priester Aviation
"The increase in illumination really showcases our fleet & accentuates our hangars & offices. Passengers comment on how clean and neat the facilities are, & our mechanics
remark on the increased visibility while maintaining our aircraft. Aesthetics aside after EnergyWare’s LED installation we were also able to reduce our overall lighting spend by 75%, creating a cash neutral implementation, just as proposed."
Clinton Cycles
“We were presented so many different options from various companies. We truly appreciate EnergyWare taking the time to educate us on the various options without any high pressure sales tactics.”


Please feel free to contact us for support, career opportunities, a free audit, suggestions, or just a brief question. Our staff would love to hear from you.

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