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EnergyWare understands that you are entrusting us to care for facilities with the highest level of professionalism. We also appreciate that many times your decision will be a visible one. The staff is trained to use latest techniques in safety, product efficiency, and conduct themselves overall as a partner. While we can never be perfect, EnergyWare assigns a quality control staff member for consistent feedback. The results have guided us in improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In short, you do something several hundred times you figure out what works and what does not. Our extensive experience will be put to good use on your project.

Extreme CARE is taken with each installation. In this example, a competitor mentioned bringing multiple lifts and “knocking out the project”. Our engineers calculated the weight against what the raised floor could support. Bringing more then one lift in a concentrated area most likely would have resulted in the springs collapsing. Our team members continue to monitor the little things, so you can focus on running your business.



EnergyWare as a company will simply put, be ON TIME. We have all experienced the call that ‘we will be there between 8-12.’ Our staff will be on time, prepared with the appropriate tools, and ready to exceed your expectations. Don’t you deserve someone to respect your schedule? EnergyWare certainly feels so.


Soft skill training is provided routinely. We not only want the job to look to professional, but our employees to show the highest level of professionalism. Feedback is also gathered from customers and provided back to the staff once per week. The mission is not to belittle any staff member, but build their confidence through hands on training. We think about our employees first, last, and always. Our employees think about our customers first, last, and always. EnergyWare believes this is a winning combination!


EnergyWare hires highly motivated staff. These individuals aggressively pursue promotion opportunities inside our organization. This translates into customer focused employees, who want to gain the respect and admiration of our clients. This all equates to our customers getting stronger workmanship, timeliness, and a desire to exceed expectations.

"At first I wasn't thrilled to receive direct feedback on my work. The leadership team was kind, yet direct on areas of improvement. I took the comments seriously and noticed that clients started to treat me as a leader instead of just an employee. I've now been promoted to a manager level position and train my staff in the same manor."
"Each year the company asks me to discuss goals I feel comfortable sharing with my team members. It's amazing how the company supports my efforts towards each goal. One of my goals was to spend more quality time at home. Senior leadership established a work from home program that helped me achieve my objective. The company really does care about my personal, professional, and financial development."
Bonaventure Town Center
Executive Director
“EnergyWare upgraded all our parking lot lighting. As I came around the corner the evening after install, I realized that well-lit facility was ours. Frequently our members thank us for providing the upgrading infrastructure and additional security.”
Clinton Cycles
“We were presented so many different options from various companies. We truly appreciate EnergyWare taking the time to educate us on the various options without any high pressure sales tactics.”


Please feel free to contact us for support, career opportunities, a free audit, suggestions, or just a brief question. Our staff would love to hear from you.

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