Check out EnergyWare’s own Michael Bertamini, starting at the 23 minute mark.

After a hiatus to catch their breath from the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, the boys return to talk with two of the biggest headliners from the event.

First, David Beagle of Office Depot talks about catching some of the audience off guard with the retail giant’s big booth at the show. Just what were they doing there? He’ll explain.

And many were surprised to see such a large presence from EnergyWare. Michael Bertamini, the company’s CEO, lights up the Channel Partners airwaves to discuss the growing interest in LED lighting solutions and why partners won’t want to drop this profitable opportunity.

All that, plus Craig and Kevin discuss some of their favorite moments from the show and the business transformation that will continue through 2018 and beyond. Oh, and Digi, the digital services robot mascot, of course, makes an appearance.


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