Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy can be confusing.  Some organizations create twenty-year models designed with systemic rate increases, while others focus on simple pay back without achieving additional funding available at no charge to the customer.  EnergyWare simplifies the arithmetic into actionable and accurate information.  This allows for customers to make informed choices with a clear understanding of all the options.

Energy and Renewable Systems can include the following sections below:


Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

HVAC can account for over 45% of a building’s energy use, therefore making it an obvious place to begin saving on energy.

  • Newer HVAC units are equipped to meet current building efficiency standards, while dramatically reducing energy consumption.
  • Retrofitting older models can cost significantly less than a new model and also have a significant impact on your energy competitions


Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

Lighting can account for over 40% of a building’s energy use, making it one of the easiest places where you can begin saving on energy.

  • LED lighting can cut energy consumption by over 50%
  • Smart systems can further improve consumption through proper lighting schedules and more interactive usage.



Solar can turn any outdoor space into an energy producing one.

  • Typically attached to roofs or used in fields
  • With sufficient area solar panels, produce energy to power an entire property

The ENERGYWARE team ensures job sites are left clean, schedules are maintained, safety protocols are followed, and team members are always licensed & courteous professionals. Under ENERGYWARE’s guidance, you can expect below market rates, outstanding quality and reasonable business terms.