Connecting LED Fixtures via Networked Controls Will Cut Energy Costs

Everything is now connected with the internet of things so it’s no surprise that your office lighting can now be controlled with a smart device at any time.

Isolated Controls

Let’s first examine how most aged lighting isolated controls work. Well it’s pretty simple; it’s what you’ve always been used to. They are fixtures or wall mounted controls that oversee lights in a room or area. Dimmer switches, motion sensors, photocells, etc. It’s low cost to implement, and easy to just set and forget. However there is little to no customization, difficult to make large scale adjustments, and each set of lights may require different controllers to manage. It’s the equivalent to running around the house and shutting the lights off behind everyone vs. the ability with networked to controls to manage those very same lights from an app.

Networked Controls

The concept behind networked controlled lighting is very intuitive. All your LED lights are connected to Wi-Fi adapters and send loads of data and control back to a desktop or smart phone app.  It allows real time adjustment of any fixture on the network, pre-programmed behaviors, and customizable schedules for on/off, dimming, daylight harvesting, etc. If you’re a CFO, this is music to your ears. The ability to continuously monitor (If you are so compelled to) energy costs real-time with the ability to customize settings for safe lighting reductions is a reason in itself to switch to LED.

The network is also intelligent, should a specific controller go down it will automatically adjust for full functionality. Each portion of the building can be independently managed and programmed, or set to work on sensors.  Of course there is a cost associated with installation, but the ROI is quick and can be accurately identified. If you’re thinking about installing LED at your facility then there’s no reason to not entertain a the installation of LED networked controls along with the new lights.

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