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We are EnergyWare

EnergyWare is one of the most EXPERIENCED and RESPECTED energy efficiency firms in the United States. Customers from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. have entrusted our organization to enhance their lighting infrastructure. We design and implement with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety quality, aesthetics, achieving targeted ROI’s and savings.


EnergyWare is committed to the safety of your employees and property. We accomplish this by being committed to our employees professional development. Routine training is provided to ensure you experience a world class installation. We understand the savings certainly do not replace the security of a safe install. Accidents simply are avoidable. We will stay vigilant in our contentious efforts to provide the safest work environment.


We start with an audit to establish a foundation for any energy reduction program. Auditors are trained and certified to investigate and determine the fixtures age, lighting efficiency, design intent, and any potential existing equipment flaws. Then our design team swings into action. The team will first focus on ensuring any upgrade is coupled with the proper amount of light. Cosmetic options are then matched up for aesthetics appeal. Now the design team turns the architecture into a useable format. A return on investment is generated outlying the savings and time for pay back. All design work is performed in advance to exceed expectations.


EnergyWare has been at the forefront of selecting best-in-breed light emitting diode, LED, technology. Many attempt to use a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘one manufacture fits all’ approach. Our experience has led us down a different path. Savings, longevity, and cosmetic appeal drive us. As front line experts we see first hand the need to adapt our approach and technology by market segment. This has led to designs deployed by EnergyWare that provide the accurate foot candle levels and proper illumination. We will continue to find ways to be even more responsive to our clients’ and partners’ challenges through innovation.


We pay attention to the details. Delivering an end product that exceeds our client’s vision is just as important as the savings. We place value on diligent planning and stringent quality control. Our projects are built to last and realize our clients standards for long-term performance.



is to provide best in breed product, real-time communication, & an experience; all with a highly motivated implementation team

Of clients would highly recommend EnergyWare
With LEDs, typically 70% of your lighting expense will be eliminated
Normally quality LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting
Halogen lights convert on average only 18% of consumed energy into light

Complimentary Professional Assessment


Gauge the impact of an LED implementation with a no strings attached Professional Assessment from EnergyWare. We’ll visit each of your locations on your schedule, review your current lighting infrastructure and analyze your energy spend. No future obligations.

EnergyWare - The Team

energyware-teamEnergyWare has built a dedicated team of professionals to support you and your clients. Included in this team are lighting architectures, energy consultants, project managers, financial professionals and a leadership team dedicated to providing a world class experience. Our commitment is to be your most trusted partner.

EnergyWare’s executive team is a key component to supporting a culture of employee and partner growth. Past awards have included Hottest Company Culture, Helios Apollo Award, and Executive of Year Award by SmartCEO.

Where LED Fits

  • Aviation
  • Education
  • Fitness Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Industrial & Warehouses

Your Current Electricity Bill

For the traditional office building 43% of you electricity bill is directly related to lighting. Save with an EnergyWare LED implementation and cut down your electricity usage on lighting as well as ventilation & cooling since LED require less stress on your HVAC system.

*Source: US Energy Information Administration

Galaxy Marble
“Our customers, suppliers, and employees have taken notice of the upgraded lighting. Customers mention how bright our warehouse has become. Making it easier to see the color and design on the granite pieces. Suppliers ask us who provided the ‘high end’ LED lighting and our employees thank us for providing the safest work environment”
Chicago Contractor Supply
“I was concerned about the accuracy of the audit. Ownership provided me the ability to make the upgrade but would it really be cash neutral as advertised? My comptroller gave me our bill after installation and I’m pleased to tell you that savings were exactly as outlined.”
Bonaventure Town Center
Executive Director
“EnergyWare upgraded all our parking lot lighting. As I came around the corner the evening after install, I realized that well-lit facility was ours. Frequently our members thank us for providing the upgrading infrastructure and additional security.”
Clinton Cycles
“We were presented so many different options from various companies. We truly appreciate EnergyWare taking the time to educate us on the various options without any high pressure sales tactics.”


Please feel free to contact us for support, career opportunities, a free audit, suggestions, or just a brief question. Our staff would love to hear from you.

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